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            Your current location: SERVICE> IC-Test

            HISEMI To provide IC product testing service to customers, capacity: 300Million/ months.

            The main test equipments are J750, D10, SC312, 3360D/P, DST1000, V50 and so on.

            The main sorting equipment is Chroma3340, Chroma3160, TMD1000, HL910Q, STRIP-100 and so on.

            Main IC test types:

            DIP series (PIN number: 8 to 64 PIN);

            SOP/HSOP/MSOP series (PIN number: 8 to 48 PIN);

            QFP/PLCC/QFN series (PIN number: 32 to 128 PIN);

            SIP series (PIN number: 3-4 PIN);

            TSSOP/SSOP series (PIN number: 8-54 PIN);

            BGA series (PIN number: 59-390PIN);

            STRIP series (outer size: 50*100~74*240mm);


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