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            QFN/DFN production and commissioning success, officially put into mass production!


            Chizhou HISEMI Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. new sealed shape: QFN, DFN verification and debugging pass, can be formally mass produced!

            QFN/DFN is a typical and more interesting subject. It is the trend of portable electronic market. QFN/DFN package features small shape, can be used in notebook computers, digital cameras, personal digital assistants (PDA), mobile phones and MP3 portable consumer electronics products. From the market point of view, QFN/DFN packaging has attracted more and more attention from users. Considering the cost and volume factors, QFN/DFN packaging will be a growth point in the next few years, and its development prospects are very optimistic.


            QFN/DFN packaging has surpassed the traditional lead packaging and can be used to replace wafer level CSP (wafer level CSP) which has a higher cost. Although CSP reduces the packaging shape to chip size, it has to use tin ball arrays with very close spacing as the component joints, which makes the manufacturing of products more difficult. QFN/DFN packages are small in size, low in cost and high in qualified rate. They can also provide better coplanarity and heat dissipation for high-speed and power management circuits.


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